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Brushing Your Child's Teeth

Give your children a head start with good oral hygiene by brushing their teeth even when they’re still very young. No toothpaste should be used at this stage. Even when your child is ready to use toothpaste, squeeze just a tiny drop onto the toothbrush. It is also important to teach your child to spit out excess toothpaste and rinse their mouth with water after brushing. When they are ready to start brushing on their own, parent should still brush their teeth before they go to sleep. Just remember to be patient. It is a long process to establish an effective oral hygiene routine. Usually at the age of 6-7 they are ready to brush completely by themselves with occasional checks. Rebellious teenagers sometimes have their non-brushing phase followed by excessive brushing. It is very good if the teenager has an already established relationship with an honest hygienist who can guide him/her through this stage. As a parent just stay calm and patient.


Parents Corner

You’ve got questions? We have answers. The challenges faced by families today are numerous and it’s nice to know you have a team in your corner helping you with some of the important decisions with respect to your family oral health. We’ve assembled a list of items here for your consideration. From time to time we will add to this list all in an effort to get good information out there that is designed to help you.


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