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Dental Hygiene for Adults

We are serious about your health.

Hello to all the people who are working hard and trying to manage home and work. You are very important figures for your loved ones.  As you serve your families day and night, we want you to stay healthy and full of energy.

We know that good oral health is linked with your general well-being. Let us take care of this aspect of your life. With our flexible hours and “always on time” motto, we can schedule your appointment that is just right for you.

Parents Corner

You’ve got questions? We have answers. The challenges faced by families today are numerous and it’s nice to know you have a team in your corner helping you with some of the important decisions with respect to your family oral health. We’ve assembled a list of items here for your consideration. From time to time we will add to this list all in an effort to get good information out there that is designed to help you.


Nursing Bottle syndrome

Brushing your child’s teeth

Your child’s first dental hygiene appointment

Protecting your child’s smile with fluoride


Pit and fissure sealants

Protect your young athlete with a mouth guard

Are you expecting?

10 Tips to prepare your kids for easy Dental Hygiene appointments