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Proper nutrition is just as critical to dental health as good oral hygiene and regular dental visits. Your child’s intake of refined sugar should be limited as much as possible. That includes candy, soft drinks, crackers and white bread. Refined sugar sticks to teeth and reacts with the bacteria in plaque, producing an enzyme that affects the teeth’s enamel.  Concentrated natural sugars found in dried fruits such as raisins also have a tendency to stick to teeth, which promotes decay. On the other hand, natural sugar found in fruits and vegetables usually clear the mouth before the sugar is converted.

Parents Corner

You’ve got questions? We have answers. The challenges faced by families today are numerous and it’s nice to know you have a team in your corner helping you with some of the important decisions with respect to your family oral health. We’ve assembled a list of items here for your consideration. From time to time we will add to this list all in an effort to get good information out there that is designed to help you.


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