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Teeth Cleaning

Consists of different components.  We are committed to individualized care. Your specific appointment time may vary according to your wants and needs in the present time. For more explanation see FAQs

Sports Guards

Head injuries attributed to sports accidents happen 2 times as often as motor vehicle related injuries. Based on clinical studies custom fitted sports guards may reduce the severity of concussions brain and neck injuries and jaw fractures.

Prevention of tooth decay for children and adults

At Hygienist Next Door Dental Hygiene Studio we are committed to your health. Every time we see you we will check your teeth to make you aware of any potential problems.

We will do hard tissue assessment at 6-9-12 mths. We also recommend that you see your regular dentist for check-ups. We will personalize your HOMECARE instructions, we might apply a fluoride gel, foam or rinse, we may recommend and apply sealants on your teeth, and we may suggest some dietary changes based on pH of your mouth.

You might wonder: Isn’t the fluoride only for the kids? No, it is not. It is for the adults as well. You might be a candidate for a fluoride if you have following conditions:

• Do you have dry mouth? Are you taking daily medications which cause you to have dry mouth?

• Have you been informed that you have receding gums or you have periodontal disease?

• Have you ever had root decay?

• Have you had a filling done in a last year?

• Do you have crowns or bridges?

• Are you wearing dental braces?

• Are you receiving or have received radiation therapy to head and neck?

Oral Health Dental Hygiene Assessment

On the first visit we usually collect data about your medical and oral health to have a full view of your condition. On each subsequent appointment we update the information and re-evaluate your status

Gum Treatment

In case of Gingivitis and most cases of Periodontitis we treat the gums with deep scaling and root planning and/or medicated irrigation Laser Assisted Therapy and/or special HOMECARE instructions.  For severe cases of Periodontitis we will refer you to a specialist.


If you have sensitive teeth, exposed roots, micro cracks in the enamel, that are causing discomfort after having cold food or liquid or even breathing cold air, we have the solution. We may apply a special desensitizing varnish to alleviate the discomfort. You are not alone. Hypersensitivity affects over 45 million adults in North America and 10 million are chronically affected by this problem.

Professional Teeth Whitening

In our office we use only No Peroxide No Pain whitening system that is actually good for your mouth. Having only the benefits of our clients on our mind we decided that Peroxide whitening is not giving you enough benefits but quite a lot of risks. To Learn more please follow the links on the HOME page under NO PEROXIDE NO PAIN Heading

Please call Agnes to discuss if you are a good candidate for this procedure. Some restrictions may apply.


Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy

In case of Gingivitis and most cases of Periodontitis we may use a Picasso Light Diode Laser. Its focused light penetrates the soft tissue to reach the inflammation site to bring bacterial decontamination, tissue regeneration (healing), pocket reduction in many cases and improved bone density in some cases. It also helps with sensitivity.