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Healthy Gums Happy Moms

Pregnant and suffering from bleeding gums?  Protect yourself and your baby.

Numerous studies link periodontal problems during pregnancy with premature and/or low birth weight babies. Let's together increase your chance for healthy outcome. Let's not ignore your bleeding gums.Your health is so important to us.  Call/text/email for details 647 984 8254

Teeth cleaning packages (examples)

$99.00*or $165.48**or 208.08*** &up

*please print a coupon on SPECIALS PAGE or show it to us on your phone. Call for details

** based on average teeth cleaning appointment( 3 units of scaling and 1/2 unit of polishing-Reg. Price: $165.48)

***based on 4 units of scaling.-Reg. Price 208.08

Each person is treated individually according to their needs and wants


Other benefits you can expect

• We will teach you and coach you in prevention of gum problems & tooth decay

• We  will effectively clean your teeth

• We will assess health of your mouth and discuss findings with you

• We will treat your gums in case of infection

• We will use the Laser Assisted Therapy for your infected gums

• We will do teeth whitening to improve your smile( if this is your wish)

• We will use different medications to help  you with your teeth sensitivity


Introducing Extended Clinic Hours  and Weekend Appointments

No Time For A Dental Visit?

Convenient Late Sunday and Monday Appointments Now Available to Serve You Better.


Too Expensive At The Dentist?

We offer Reduced Price*,

More Affordable, High Quality Services.


Frustrated With Long Wait Times at The Dentist?

Same Day Appointments Available. Always on Time.


Accepting new patients

Hygienist Next Door serves you in:



St. Thomas


To book your appointment TEXT or CALL Agnes at 647-984-8254 or email agnes@hygienistnextdoor.ca


How is our Dental Hygiene Clinic Different?


Time Management

Unlike the dentists, we dont have emergencies on a daily basis and we can schedule the appointments accordingly.  This means you don"t have to wait.  We dont rush through appointments, trying to accommodate all  people in pain waiting for us. You can ask us all the dental questions and we have time to discuss the treatment plan in details. It is also easier to schedule an appointment with us on the short notice- even on the same day.  Many clients appreciate this difference


Our prices are based on the current ODHA fee guide which is 20-40% lower than the dentists fee guide.  Look for additional discount coupons in our specials page here. We provide those incentives to make it easier for low income clients.  Many patients like that.


Even though a Dental Hygiene Clinic looks similar to a Dental office, the atmosphere is different.  We don’t employ as many people which makes for a less hectic office environment.  The space is quiet and relaxed.  No hectic, busy, behind the schedule hustle and bustle.  Many clients, especially those with dental anxiety, appreciate this.